4 Low Cost Improvements To Increase a Homes Value…


You need to pull in buyers from the first moment they see your home – both in pictures and in person. Your yard and landscape delivers the first impression, hopefully one of cleanliness, order and beauty. Luckily, you can do most basic landscaping work yourself, and for not a lot of money.

Inexpensive Home Landscaping939A few things that will really spruce up your landscape include:

  • Flowers and Plants – Installing flowers and other plants is easy to do, and adds color, texture and appeal to your landscape.
  • Mulching – Mulching is probably one of the cheapest ways to dramatically improve the look of your landscape. Covering your flower beds in mulch afterwards can give the finished look you want, and will do wonders for the health of your plants.
  • Boarders – If the boarders of your flower beds are old and worn out, consider replacing them with wood or rock options.
  • Sod – If your lawn has serious dead spots, hire a yard specialist to install sod to fill in the gaps.

You have several options when renovating your yard. You can make all the decisions and do all of the work yourself, or you can hire a landscape designer to help you with the design part. You can also hire a landscaping company to do everything for you. Which you choose will depend on your budget and your experience.


Inexspensively Painting A Home939Paint is an inexpensive way to make an old house look new again, both inside and out. Obviously the bigger the project you take on, the more expensive it will be. But you do not have to do a full house painting unless it is necessary. Just using paint to add accents and improve the feel of your home can make it much more inviting to buyers.

  • The Front Door – Something about a rich, vibrant front door seems to draw people to your home. Choose a color that works with the rest of your design, and make your front door appealing with a new coat of paint.
  • Interior Rooms – If you have interior design skills, you already know the power of a well-painted room. Most people are lacking in this area, though, so it usually pays to hire an interior designer as a consultant in choosing your colors. Buy the colors he or she recommends, do the painting yourself, and see the difference.
  • Exterior – Painting the exterior of your home does not necessarily fall into the category of inexpensive renovations. However, if your home’s paint is peeling, cracking and in general disrepair, dishing out the money for a new coat may be worth the cost.


New Appliances In Kitchen939Some things in your home are easy to replace, and can modernize the look and feel of your home.

  • Fixtures – Things like old light fixtures can really make a home look dated. Although they may still work, your old brass fixtures are small and inexpensive details that make the home less appealing. Replace old fixtures with more modern ones.
  • Counter tops – Faded yellow counter tops do not draw in home buyers. Unless they are looking for a fixer-upper, features like this are sure to knock the sale price of your home. Replace counter tops with modern versions. Keep in mind, though, that it does not necessarily pay to out-do your neighbors. If everyone in your area has granite features, then upgrading is a good idea. If not, though, it may just be a waste of money.
  • Windows – Whether you should replace your old windows or not is debatable. Some Realtors insist that the price you will pay is not worth what you will get back. However, it is worth considering that energy efficiency is a popular selling point now. If you have old single pane windows, upgrading may be worth the cost. You should also be able to take advantage of tax credits for energy efficient installs.
  • Appliances – Replacing your appliances can be expensive, but it is a choice that buyers are sure to notice. No one likes the idea of using someone’s old stove or dishwasher. Newer versions demonstrate your investment in the home, and may be the tipping point to entice buyers to make an offer.


Home Cleaning939Most realtors you talk to will recommend hiring a professional house cleaning service before you put your home on the market. De-cluttering you home is a very important exercise in order to get top dollar for your property. Clean homes sell, and a professional service is sure to make your home looks spotless.  However, if you would rather do the work yourself, make sure you clean all areas of your home thoroughly, including:

  • Windows – Dirty windows make a house look uninviting. Clean inside and out, and experiment with removing the screens to achieve a more open look. You can always put them back on, but clear glass makes a home look more inviting.
  • Carpets – Shampoo your carpet before you start showing the house. Even if you think it looks clean right now, you can bet that a shampooing will pull up all kinds of dirt, and will help minimize odors you may not even be noticing.
  • Garage – If your garage is filled with boxes, consider renting a storage shed until your home sells. A clean, open garage demonstrates the space of your home to full effect. If it is filled up, buyers will have a more difficult time seeing the potential for their own things.
  • Clutter – Now is the time to remove all clutter from your home. Put things away, and eliminate any clutter in your yard. You want to present your home in its ideal state, and clutter can ruin that impression.

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